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Puppy Love | Chapter 2

Assalamualikum w.b.t
Hey guys,
We meet again
Actually I forgot to post this entry HAHA
Thanks to Phais cause kept reminding me
to continue my Puppy Love Story HAHAHAH

Checked it out previous entry bout Puppy Love | Chapter 1 
So here is the continuation from few weeks ago.
After both of us went to boarding schools
We was lost contact
I went to Teknik School at Kedah and
He went to Science School at Negeri Sembilan
And I still kept my feelings to him --- at that time
And hoping that he will be mine

Yeah, 2 years I’ve been waiting for him
I know it sounds silly
Waiting for someone who is never knew that you like him
And guess what I closed my heart to others
just because of him
Maybe it looks pathetic
But I always pray to Allah
May Allah will bring us back ----
but It never happen
There’s maybe have a reason why
Allah didn’t make it happen, right?

Then, when I was in college
I started to open my heart again. Mihmih :3
Because I think I should forget bout him.
So Hafiz story ----The End

When I’m in semester 2 I met this guy,
Not really cute and not my type actually
Kinda bad boy type – stylish – cool – tall – thin -and
Of cause --- a rock star type. BAHAHAHA

At first, I really hate him
He is the most annoying person that I ever met
He always makes me piss off
Idk, but I do hate him A LOT

He always teases me
Always calling me ‘kecik
And I called him ‘kurus’ back
Always pulling out my chair
And laugh it loudly
I always crying because of his stupid jokes
And I always pray to Allah to take his life or else
I know, it’s wrong to pray for something bad for people

But, how do I like him? HAHA
Idk when but the situation became really weird
He skips classes for almost a month (I guess)
I thought he was suspended by college
And I am so happy because nobody will make me cry again

But after a week I felt really awkward
Because didn’t hear his voice laughing
And the class also quiet
Then my friend told me that
apparently he had dengue.
Suddenly I felt so regret and guilty cause
always pray for something bad happen for him

After he was healthy and went back to college
I greet and wish him – speedy recovery
And suddenly my heart AGAIN
Feels really nervous and surrounding by butterflies
But I still make it like usual
Which is nothing happen to us

And start from that day,
I think I already fall in love with him
But the situation already changed
He didn’t make noise in class
And didn’t tease me again
I felt so sad. Feels bad
I just don’t know why I miss his laughs
with his annoying smiles – at that time

Then, one day I went outing to the town
I bump into him
But, he with a girl --- a girlfriend
And he says hi to me
I just smile back to him
My eyes felt really heavy
I felt so confused, stressed, and
my heart was really in pain that night
I was crying all night long and
the next day I’m skipping class
cause I don’t wanna met him
And told my class rep that I was sick
Yeah, I am really sick – having heart-sick

Idk what should I do
I only know that I have to forget him
And it’s hard
Really hard
And the situation is not the same
like Hafiz situation
I tried to be in relationship with other guy
But it turns to disaster
Cause I always keep in mind only him
I can’t love someone like I love this guy

I tried to kept distance
But seems that I can’t
I rather change classes
For almost 2 years I’m suffering
Waiting for something that I can’t ever think bout it
It was stupid and lame
But that time I don’t have any courage’s to tell
That I really love him
So I just buried my feelings inside my heart
Because I don’t want to ruin his relationship with his girlfriend

So I just kept my feelings ALONE
And hide it from my friends.
Nobody know bout this.
And I become worst
Always sick, depressed, and its effects my grads
I know that I have to let it go
But I just don’t know what to do,
I just keep hurting myself
I don’t trust anybody
Cause people will make jokes bout it
It really painful and stressful year.

Until now, no one knew that I fall in love with him
So dear Capital ‘A’,
thanks for teach me how to survive in pain
And teach me how to be strong
Oh ya, I won’t reveal his name
Cause he is one of my facebook and instagram friends! HAHAHA

After stu-dying there
I’m working and start a new life
I didn’t contact with my college friends
I tried to get into healthy relationship
but still can’t forget him until I met this guy.

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.
Oscar Wilde


Hey guys wanna share your epic love story?
Just share it at your entry
And put your link down below I will choose randomly ---
The most epic love story
Will win this cute stuff
And it’s originally from KOREA ! :)

p/s: the shoes only for display teehee :p

I don’t mind if you wanna write it in English or Bahasa Melayu
So guys tell us your story ;)
I would love to read it
And might be you win this
Don’t forget to comment at this entry
And put your link :)
Let’s start it!

p.s: If you are lying bout your story, means you also lying at yourself. Thanks!

Till then,

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Pha Is said...

yang mana dok menyakat tu la yg dia suka.. hmm..

syuk shusuke said...

sepenuhnya english novel ? awesome :)

Ezy Loy said...

mak aiiiiihh.. comelnye keychain!!!
ala malu r nk cite kisah cnta kite..

Santan Manis said...

nice entry. Btw SM done follow sini, jmput singgah ke blog kalau sudi :)


shasha yacob said...

Yeah dah ada pun, puas i tggu. hehehe. ermm i'm totally want to reveal my first love story, but yeah, guess what, i can't. my family know my blog, if they read my story , i'm death. hahahah *brokenenglish sorrysorry. hahaha

Btw, kesian dgn akak, dua lelaki dah hancurkan hati akak, i knew what you feel . hee, saya pun pernah alami kes yang hampir sama, tapi apa boleh buat bukan jodoh, and i'm a little bit shy to confess . heee. that's why i'm single sampai skrang . hahaha

Anonymous said...

amboi berhenti empat lima kali KA baca n3 ni... very nice. Nk follow xboleh lah.. nnti KA cuba semula yer !

Jajas said...


shasha yacob said...

singgah malam kat sini yerr kak eryn. terbaca balik kisah akak nih, rindu pula dgn crush kita hahahaha

Amanina Mads said...

teringat la kt bekas ehem2 dulu. hehe. dh takda apa2 pun dia still stalker blog.

Mizz Aiza (Dunia Kecil) said...

puppy love akak semua dah kahwin.. tinggallah akak je tak kahwin lagi. hehe..

anamizu said...

errr sbnrnye nak je join. errr tapi.. tapi.. hurmm sbb die mcm byk sedih je drpd heppy, tu yg mcm taknak la share psl kesah cinta tu sobss sbobss

Cho Zila said...

akak bersungguh membacanyer.. walhal akak dah banyak umurnyer..membacanyer buat akak rasa muda belia.. teringat kisah cinta dulu2... ah.. saat bercinta terasa indah belaka.. putus cintapun rasa frust menonggengnyer... tapi tuler yang bestnyer.. dengar lagu sedih kitapun menangis sekali... oh seronoknyer jadi orang muda....

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