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SPM 2013 Result

Previous Entry : Puppy Love | Chapter 2

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hey guys
How are you?
I’m doing good and thrilled ;)

Btw, the SPM results came out today.
TBT, I am really edgy and excited too
Cause my lil brother also one of the SPM candidates 2013
Gash how times flies ---
(Read back bout his PMR Result)
He’s already 18 years old!
But for me, he still my Baby Brother
(Btw his nickname is Baby. hihi)

 So this Qhim a.k.a Baby mihmih
I loves doing this hihi
Put his nerdy picture in my blog gyahaha :3

Actually I was not expected he only got this
Cause I think he can do much more better than this
But this is fate,
Whatever it is, I’m still proud of him

 Another picture of him 
Oh ya, he is single btw. 

Oh ya, he got 4 A’s for English, Bahasa Melayu, Agama Islam and
We are proud of him
No matter how many A’s he got
We will STILL keep supporting him
Even in silences.

So after these bigger challenges ahead
We will through this --- everybody will face it
Put an effort – tawakkal – doa

We do hate each other
Yeah. I really hate him  
He’s annoys me
Despicable me
But, the truth is
Deep inside me
I always love him

No matter how he make me annoys
He is the only friends that I have
I can take him to shopping
We can talk bout movies
We can gossiping together
Sharing story
My companions
Take him to meet my friends
Take him to any events
In fact my bodyguard!
Yeah --- every single time
I can count on him

Can’t imagine how I would be
Without him for 3 months just for PLKN
After that college life
Then working life
Then married???

Gash, thinking that he’s already big guy
I know, my mom also will thought bout this
In the same time hopefully he will success
Either now and hereafter.

So, dear my baby
Muhammad Qharumi Zainuddin
Please for our family sake
Make us – ibu, abah, kakak, boy
Proud for your success.
Just don’t be like me.
I’m not a good role model to you


Remember what ibu told you?
Jangan gedik nak ada girlfriend selagi belum sem 4 keatas”HAHAHA
So keep it in your mind
SAVE IT don’t ever try to delete it. :p

Ok, that’s all for now
No matter how bad or good your result is
We can’t turn back
How your results is depend on how you put on your efforts.

Actually I’m not quit agree with Bill Gates quotes
Because we have to standing in the reality
How many peoples can be like Bill Gates?
How many peoples are lucky enough to be like him?
With good grades you can survive in carrier
I know experience is important too
But stick to the reality --
Better grades will help you.
If you can be Bill Gates
Please give a try
Put effort on it.

A good grade doesn’t mean you will get a good job. 
A bad grade doesn’t mean you will get a bad job. 
It all depends on how you showcase your own skills out in the real world.

Fails or not having good grades
Would not make you a loser
Learn from mistakes
Start working out now
It’s ok if you wanna grieving for couple weeks
But then, chin up, and confidents
Be strong, and kick out the entire of mess

P.s: Congratulations to my both cousins too, Aini Wajihah and Amira Ainol. Both of you already done the great job too. All three of 'em (including my brother) got the same result. Do you guys copying each other? HAHAHA. Chin up kay :)

And also congrats to all SPM candidates holder. Now now just 

Till then,


t.a.t.a said...

My previous bos quit his studying and join the business. Some said konon nya (what is konon in English? I forgot.) he wants to copy Bill Gates and become a very successful businessman.

Well I think he forgot that everyone's fate are not the same. Yes my boss achieved his success targets, but only for a while. From zero to hero and back to zero again.

Successful may easy to achieved, but to maintain it is way more difficult.

cik hani said...

SPM i dulu hancussssssss..
macam telur hancusssss

shasha yacob said...

Howw sweettt~ congrats buat adik akak. menyesal saya xdtg awal ke sekolah, sbb xdapat kaut banyak A. hahaha saya mampu bawak balik 1A je. nasib baik lulus heee

Amanina Mads said...

wahh.. congrats 4 ur lil bro. hehe. dpt 4a pun ok apa. lg pun sama juga dgn kazen.

ros_reeza said...

tahniah untuk semua calon-calon SPM. anyway suka pesanan bonda tu, jangan ada gf sampai sem 4 ke atas. hihihi

Pha Is said...

hahaha.. mesti tabah je beliau menunggu sem 4.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

neway congrat to yr baby brother yer.. suka baca citer2 adik2 beradik yang close & baik mcm ni !

Ezy Loy said...

kite dulu spm dpt 2a je.. xleh msok U..

Mizz Aiza (Dunia Kecil) said...

tahniah kepada lil bro.. sampai sem 4 tu ok lagi tu.. hehe..

Miss Xyz said...

Yang dalam gambar akak pakai baju raya biru tu, yang belah kiri tu muka macam Adi Putra sikit, ahahaha. Takpe, rezeki ada di mana-mana jangan risau.

nusha fasha said...

sama result yui.kui2

Fiza Rahman said...

Tahniah. Ok lah tu 4A's ☺

Aku Penghibur said...

SPM kita biasa2 saje

fadh leyanie said...

tahniah kpd baby dewasa,hahaa..nanti nk msk plkn rmbut kna potong botak..:D

anamizu said...

SPM bkn penentu segala. NAK dgn TAKNAK je sbnrnya :)

Cho Zila said...

seronok membacanyer... setiap ayat penuh makna... semoga baby akan melangkah dengan gagah berani.. SPM cuma permulaanya .. banyak lagi rintangan dan teruskan usaha dan pasti kejayaan milik mu...

Azlan Strider said...

Sampaikan salam tahniah kat dia..4A tu susah gak nak dapat and it come from the hard work..keep it up.. :D


Azlan Strider said...

sampaikan salam tahniah kat dia..4A tu pun bukan satu benda yg senang nak dicapai melainkan dengan hard work..keep it up.. :D


QasehnyaRania said...

tahniah bat baby
dpt plkn area mana tu?
haa.ingt pesan ibu tu baik baik.

boni kacak said...

nak pinjam spek mata dia boleh tak?hahaha

Nana Kamarul said...

Awww... congrats to your brother and cousins. All the best in life :)

Khai♥Rin : anies said...

tahniah utk lil bro...


Tihara said...

alhamdulillah tumpang syukur, tahniah :)
akak doakan dia berjaya dalam apa pun bidang yang diceburi..
dia macam chineese looked kan

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