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Weekend Activities | Gua Tempurung, Gopeng

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hey guys!
How are you?
I'm good here :)

Btw, last Sunday (March 2,2014) me and my siblings 
went to Gua Tempurung
TBH, this is our first time going there
I was lives in Ipoh for almost 20++ years
and this is my first time. HAHAHA
Actually we didn't plan it
we just go. HAHA

“Shell Cave” or Gua Tempurung, located in Gopeng, Perak can be reached via the PLUS North South Highway. Exit the North South Highway through the Gopeng interchange. Proceed South towards Kampar using the Federal Route 1. About 5km turn left and you will reach Gua Tempurung in about 2km. There are enough signboards along the way as soon as you clear the Gopeng Interchange.

The cave was first identified in 1887 in the Map of Perak-Malay Peninsula, which indicated a mountain spelt as “Gunong Tempoo Rong”. The Department of Minerals and Geosciences estimated the age of the rock formations in the area of Gua Tempurung to be between 250 and 400 million years. The cave was also known locally as Gua Perah.
And TBT, I didn't ever knew
where's the hell this place located
So, don't worries if you getting lost
Cause you can ask people around there
we only depending on Google Maps and 
1 uncle at Toll Plaza :p

we do hate each others
but we also love each other. bahaha

 For me, if you guys love adventures activities
or love the nature
This place might be suits for you
Btw, there's alot of activities that you can do here
such as Flying Fox, Archery, Paintball, Night Walk and etc
Cool huh.


But that day, we only did Catwalk Tour (Platform Dry Tour)
caving tour 1 (Golden Flowstone)
It was easy but tiring!
Gash, never felt tired like this, hiks
Btw it's quit challenging though 
Cuz I'm kinda lazy-type of person. HAHAHA

But next time definitely I will try another adventures
Because it seems really challenging
So I will be prepared earlier hihi

 credits: http://www.guatempurung.com.my

CATWALK TOUR (Platform Dry Tour)

TOUR 1 (Golden Flowstone)
An easy and exciting tour for about 40 minutes.
A journey from entrance to platform 3 (Golden Flowstone) and back.
Tour starts from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Entrance Fee: Adult RM 6.00
Children RM2.50 (6-12 years)
Senior Citizen RM 3.00 (60 years & above)

TOUR 2 (Top Of The World)
A slightly strenuous tour for about 1 hour 45 minutes
A journey starts from entrance to platform 5 and back
Tour starts from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm
Entrance Fee: Adult RM 9.00
Children RM 4.50 (6-12 years)
Senior Citizen RM 3.00 (60 years & above)


TOUR 3 (Top Of The World & Short River Adventure)
A challenging tour for 2 ½ hours
A journey for about 2.4km from entrance to Golden Flowstone
Top Of The World and back through the underground river
Tour starts from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm
Entrance Fee: Adult RM 11.00
Children RM 6.00 (6-12 years)
Senior Citizen RM 6.00 (60 years & above)

TOUR 4 (Grand Tour)
An exciting and challenging tour for 3 ½ hours
A complete journey for about 3.8km from entrance to Golden Flowstone, Top Of The World and continue to the end of the cave (East)
And back through the underground river
Tour starts from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm
Entrance Fee: Adult RM 22.00
Children RM 11.00 (6-12 years)
Senior Citizen RM 6.00 (60 years & above)

So guys, if doesn't know what to do on weekends
Why not went there and feel the experiences
You can ask me to follow too 
I would love though. Teehee
Have a nice day guys!

So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you're falling for
Baby do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
*tetiba nak nyanyi lagu ni. hiks*

After had a hard touring, we have a picnic in-front of the entrance


we bring nasi tomato, jelatah, oreo cheesecake, burger, lemonade, and apples!
mentekedarah sangat. hihi 

 I hope people who is in-charge of Gua Tempurung will change the stickers
because it really ugly and already torn!


Till then,


Mizz Aiza (Dunia Kecil) said...

wah.. best nya.. tak pernah lagi sampai gua tempurung..

Ezy Loy said...

tahniah sbb berjaya masok ke gua tempurung! hikhik
kite pon rase teringin nk msok gua..
tp apakan daya, kat ganu xde gua mcm gua tempurung..

hainom OKje said...

Zana....biasalah tu org yg dekat mmg pergi last sekali hehe....

Roha said...

akak panggil zana boleh ? :)

bestnyer adventures kat gua tempurung..akak tak penah sampai pon zana,tengok pic2 zana menarik..dapat pi kan best ermm bila la agaknyer ! :(

t.a.t.a said...

Hi Sya. Hope you won't mind me calling you Sya. Such a nice name don't you think? Hehehe.

Tengok food yang korang bawak, seriyes nya la berat. Dengan cake, nasi tomato. Hmm. Memang betul la tu. Mengketedarah aje. Hahaha.

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

oklah pertama kali

yui tak pernh lg.. jom kita =)

anamizu said...

wahwahwah sama la cik ana dah pegi gak ritu ! pastu masuk dry trek je kihkihkih

penat giler arrr ! tp best bile dah berjaya kuar. hahaha

wahwahwah siap picnic lagi ! hehe

*haah la sticker tu dah buruk & terkoyak dah pon =.='

shasha yacob said...

ini i sukee. hehehe menerokaa malaysia hehehehe

QasehnyaRania said...

macam best je masuk dalam gua tempurung tu dik.
ciksu tak pernah masuk lg. setakat ni pernah masuk gua kelam je la.hihi

Azlan Strider said...

tengok balik gambar2 nie teringat time teambuilding company dulu..ada dtg visit kat sini gak and amik package Tour 4 tu..memang pus hati giler..siap lalu lagi tempat lokasi pengambaran Vikingdom..hehehe


♥ Cmª shIemª ♥ said...

salam syazana..

wah.. cantiknye pic..^^
looks interesting.. tak pernah lagi sampai sini.. bestnya... ^^

Cho Zila said...

gua tempurungtu akak dah pergi tahun 90 an.. dah macam2 berubahkan sekarangni.. tapi tuler awatnyer stickertu mengelupas gitukan.. sebagai anak Perak tentulah akak mengharapkan yang Gua Tempurungni akan menjadi daya tarikan untuk pelancong..

Khai♥Rin : anies said...

bla laa sy akn smpi ke sini...

Tihara said...

Seronik tengok syazana gi sini
Tapi mod akak sekarang duk pikiaq
Pasai mh370..
Pray for them..insha Allah

Pha Is said...

ada nmpka bnda pelik2 x..? hehehehehe

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