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Make A Change In Life

Previous Entry: Me in Audition?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hey guys!
Actually at first I'm a bit lazy to update anything :(
I'm not really busy at all, it just LAZY *sigh*

Btw dear Pykaa thanks because miss for my update! Haha 
Ok, I'll make it short,

1st: I've got a new job offer and will start working there within 3 more weeks! Where is that place, or what kind of job, I wanna keep it as a secret first. Mihmih. Actually I do enjoy my current job but I do really need new environment, new people, new things and stuffs, and etc. I wanna do a major change in my life.  

2nd: Tonight, I'll be on vacation! Yeay! Where is that place, let be a secret first but it still not far from Malaysia. Haha. Yup I love secret and surprises! Mihmih. p/s: those who knows where I'll be going please keep syuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh :D

3rd: There's a lot of stuff that I'm thinking recently. I just can't wait to do it one by one. I really hope my entire dream will come true. :) I know that, this is probably the biggest changes for me, but I will bear the risk.

4th: It's quite funny because I'm trying to write in English back. Hahaha. It's because few years back, when I wrote in English, nobody notice me. *sigh*

5th: Guess what that day we 're featuring in Utusan News. Kahkah. Actually, me and my cousins already fuss in instagram. p/s: do follow my instagram. haha

6th: Here I attached with our Family Day mihmih. Actually it was held on last September. My parents are doing small feast for our family members. FYI, there a lot of picture of us but it still at our OP (Official Photographer). This pictures have been taken by my cousin's. Enjoice! 

At Gunung Lang, Ipoh (Cousin Day-Out)

Till then,


Mel said...

Selamat berkerja di tempat baru & selamat bercuti..nampak ada selipar tuh, bercuti ke pantai kah?hihiiihii

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

xsbr nak tahu cuti kat mna..

n slmt bkerja di tmpt baru..bukan di perak lg kah? huhuh

Puan Ezy said...

slmt mengenjoykan diri sblom start keje ek.. hihi

Jajas said...


ros_reeza said...

selamat memulakan tugas di tempat baru :)

Pykaa Pdott said...

Update jugakk akhirnya . Dah brapa kali dtg singgah nie tao . Hee .

Wahh nak bercuti kat mna tuh ?? Bestnyee ..
Semua pic cntik2 sgt la . Suke tengok .

Slamat berkeja di tempat bru sis . ;)

Aku Penghibur said...

selamat bekerja di tempat baru :)

hainom OKje said...

Zana ni semua nak rahsia.... cer cite cer cite.....
No worry...okjerrr speaking pun.... okje comment melayu je hehe
Mesti seronokkan berfamily day tu

fadh leyanie said...

have a safe trip kak areen..jumpa anda di sana, eceh mcm tau plk nk ke mana.:P

Aleen Aiden said...

happy holiday! :)

Amanina Mads said...

wah new job.. congrats. happy oliday. tc.. lamanya tak lepak kat gnung lang. rindunyaaa.. eh kera kat bukit tu dah takda eh. hehe

NA said...

Wah-wah banyaknya rahsia. Tahniah dapat kerja baru.

Good luck for your future undertaking :)


Muhammad Syazwan Norhalik said...

bukan nak mai cuti kat semban :p

pha is said...

dah tahu dah.. pergi vacation kat siam.. tengok kat instagram.. heheheh

QasehnyaRania said...

dah tukat tempat kja ye..selmat bertugas.

dah tahu dah pergi mana2:-)

cantik la semua pic tu

AbgDude a.k.a Kai said...

congrats kepa anda kerana mendapat peluang kerja yang baru...

nampak macam best je tempat jalan-jalan tu...

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