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The JPJ Evaluation Test (Penilaian JPJ)

January 23, 2011

I actually could not sleep last night. It’s already at 2 am, but my eyes are still booming. I tried to sleep with all sorts of ways, but it didn’t work. I hate it right. I need to sleep because I have the JPJ Evaluation (Penilaian JPJ). I need to sleep because I have the JPJ Evaluation (Penilaian JPJ). 

Then, suddenly my hand phone alarm rang,

Psychic spies from china
Try to steal your mind’s elation
Little girls from Sweden
Dream of silver screen quotations
And if you want these kind of dreams
It’s Californication
(Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication)

It’s already at 6.30 am! What! I didn’t sleep for the whole night! I was very sleepy. My eyes are swollen and became red. I can’t sleep is that due to the nervous feelings? *sigh* so I wake-up and straight to baths, morning prayers and get ready for the Evaluation JPJ. Seriously I want to vomit and feel dizzy.

Sharp at 7:15 am, I arrived at L shop, wow lots of people want to do the computer test. Just me only gonna do the Evaluation for this morning. After arrived at ‘Sekolah Latihan Memandu” at Taman Anda, Ipoh, I continue to practice for Hill (Bukit), 3 Corner (3 Penjuru), and Parking. My instructor said I'm good at all of this. HAHAHA (ripple).

My instructor advises me when with the Assessor (Penilai) I need to make the test better. Then my instructor asked me to give RM20 at the Assessor. (I do not know why I should give the money, but I don’t think so it is bribery. Haha

My turn at 9:30 am, after finishing in the circuit (Hill, 3 Corner and Parking), we went to the road-site, I already drenched (I have pretty weak recall when memorizing all the streets name *sigh*) I'm a lil bit shocked when the Assessors take me to this street because my instructor never bring me here, I became panicked. (I can’t remember the street name). Then, less than 5 minutes on the road, we to return back to the “Pusat Latihan Memandu”. Haish what is this evaluation? *sigh*

I felt wasted give him RM20 because it doesn’t give me any changes or effect. *sigh *. After that, the Assessor give me a Form and tell me to sign it, he said I will do the JPJ Test after this Chinese New Year. Eh what is this? Seriously I’m very blur.

While waiting those people finishes their Computer Test, I sat alone. I felt tired and sleepy. Then come one asshole guy. It is very annoying when a guy smokes in front of you without thinking about people around you. I’m giving him a signal which is coughing loudly but he apparently does care. Seriously I hate it.

At last at 11.30 a.m my instructor came to fetch me. I felt relived. This is indeed very tiring day. *sigh*

Till then,

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