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Al-Fatihah untuk insan tersayang.

Melati kuntum tumbuh melata,
Sayang merbah di pohon cemara;
Assalammualaikum mulanya kata,
Saya sembah pembuka bicara.

Several days I do not write anything and being hideaway because on specific reasons. Last Thursday, I was in the wake of the sad news that my dear grandmother Hajah Ainon binti Abdul Rahman has left us all.

At that time I was still in office, at about 3p.m my mom call me and she said my grandmother are dying. I was really surprised and trembling and I couldn’t speak anything. I directly told Susan (she is my superior) bout this matter and I’m going to back home because my grandmother was in the middle of ailing. Hmm a few hours later my mother call me back to say my grandmother already passed away. I totally stymied. Seriously, that same feeling was appearing back when my late grandfather died.

Then, my dad came to my office to pick me up. I tried to hold back the tears from coming out. I cannot accept that I have lost grandmother. Seriously I felt lost, totally lost. I'm bizarre that the sad moments are happening again in my life. I realize I cannot blame fate.

Love is really hurt and pain. But for me nothing is pain then losing people that I love which is the most beloved grandmother. Whatever it is may my grandmother's will stay among the people who believe and do righteous deeds.
Life must go on, thinks positive and do look forward. I will continue to persevere in the face of the twists and turns of life. Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter than today.

Till then,


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miss fatihah said...

al fatihah. semoga roh didcucuri rahmat

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