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Mushroom Soup of The Day


Today, I woke up early. Well it’s normal routine when at my parents’ home. Early in the morning I hang up all the wears, tidy home, blablabla. Then, at first, I was thinking to tidy up my room but it not happen because of the temptation of bed. I fell asleep. Damn! Wicked of the satan! At 9 o'clock my mom already blaring asked me to wake. Seemingly my mom wanted to ask me to cooked mushroom soup together. Actually this the first time we made ​​a mushroom soup, before this we only ate at pizza hut. So now, let me teach you guys how to make the simplest ever mushroom soup :)

How to make mushroom soup and garlic bread?

a. Mushroom Soup

Butter / Planta (Margarine)
   A little bit of flour (to thicken the soup)
  Chicken stock
  UHT milk
  Mushroom (it will be tastier if using button mushrooms)
  Garlic - chopped
  Salt to taste
  Whipping cream
  Extra mushrooms, coarsely chopped

(I’m sorry, I do not put measurements because we only roughly guessing)

How to make it:
1. Melt butter in sauce on medium heat; put a lil bit of flour.
2. Stir slowly. Add up chicken stock and milk. Stir again.
3. Then, add chopped mushroom with garlic and seasoning (salt, pepper, whip cream and extra chopped mushrooms) over moderate heat for 10-15 minutes.  4. Finish!

(Chicken stock, pepper, whip cream, fresh milk)
I'm using planta (margarine) but you also can use butter --- it's up to you
Mushroom - Coarsely chop
On the way to EAT :)

Eh, wait a minutes! Who wouldn’t want to eat soup like that huh, so must be have some of Garlic Bread :)

How to make the Garlic Bread? It is extremely simple; even when your eyes was close and it only takes for a minutes!

b. Garlic Bread

Butter @ Planta (Margarine)
Garlic, finely chopped 
Black pepper
Gardenia / High5 / Baguette bread (it will be more delicious if using baguette)

How to make it:
1.   Chop the garlic – finely chop
2.   Mix the chopped garlic with butter / planta --- stir it
3.   Brush the mixture (butter and garlic) over the bread.
4.   Then, bake the bread (you can use toaster or pan)
5.   DONE!

p/s: now this mix butter / planta with Garlic are on sale at any bakery shop, so you can buy it if you’re too lazy to made it :D

I'm using High bread
Mix up planta and the garlic

Yeah! Consider DONE!

Till Then,

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