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January 22, 2011

During my blog-walking just now, suddenly there is a guy / girl, (actually I'm not sure he is a boy or girl :D) He or she  was called 'saya mejai'  was spying on me! Oppss. Not spying on me when I’m bathing or sleep okay. He or she only spied on my bad blog. Haha ​​

Then, when I’m spying him / her back, I was attracted by THIS entry. So I quite thrilled want to try it.

So this is my result. So how is it? Cool huh.


1st : I'm using this picture. Sort of cute. I guess so. HAHA

see there : syazana wus ere okay 

2nd : upload the picture at Pic Scater

before you click publish, you can adjust your picture.

3rd : when already publish on Facebook, 
your default picture will be turn like this .. cool huh

p/s: please ignore the Farmville post. HAHA

p/s: new update : 'saye mejai' is a GIRL! 
guess what, our boyfriend name is the same --- AMIN 
hahaha very coincidence

Till then,


saye.mejai said...

nice one babe.
btw, saye cik :)
eh name bf you amin eh?
same lah kite. high five sikit.
heheh. follow :)

schaze zainn said...

@ saye.mejai :

ouh.. so kite gologan awek la =D ekekeke
okokok gimme 5 juga..
ta sangka pulop name mereka juga sama..ahaha
suda follow kamu juga :)

saye.mejai said...

heheheh. same pulak ye.
thanks by the way :)

Puan Besar Shag said...

Comel je! :D

Blithe Spirit said...

wei ada nama aku!hihi

schaze zainn said...

@ saye.mejai :

most welcome dear :)

schaze zainn said...

@ shag :

haha.. teng's shag =D

schaze zainn said...

@ qilah :

tu la pasal, aku terpelik pesal tiba-tiba muka ko ada..haha

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