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Lotus 5 Star Ipoh and Review about Gulliver's Travels

January 1, 2011

Ni hao ma? Wo hen hao.. Ni ne? Wo yao zhu nimen Xinnian Kuaile.:) Haa.. Do you understand what I'm saying? Let me translate. "What's up? I'm good. How bout you? I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year .. :)" 

Okay, actually this afternoon I and my youngest brother with my boyfriend were went out together. Frankly to say, I just know about the existence of cinema in this building. Btw before this, this place is monopolized by Indians people. Actually today all cinemas’ in Ipoh is full-house. So we decide to try watching movie at Lotus 5 Star, Bangunan Seri Kinta. From the outside of the building, seriously it's looks creepy! 

Outside of the building
Bangunan Seri Kinta

Then when we head to the Cineplex, I was very impressed. It's like going to a movie at 5 star places! So over-there, we were watching Gulliver's Travels. It's quite weird the ticket's is so expensive! For 3 ticket's are RM54! That's mean per head are RM18! Normally at TGV or GSC only RM8 - RM10 per ticket. I am really regret. My first impression, this place are sucks and looks like haunted! BUT

When I'm entered the room, I felt excited. The ticket price are expensive because of we were watching it in 3D! Hahaha. It's worth it lepaking here. :)

source: google

inside - the tickets counter and beverage counter

stairs to leading to the watching room 

Review Gulliver's Travels

Director: Rob Letterman
Main Cast: Jack Black
Rate: 3.9/5 Star

For me, this film is funny but not really hilarious. Sometimes the jokes are not suitable for kids. (It has 18sx jokes) It’s about a depressed guy that working in the mail room at NY news named Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black). He believed he can be a writer and try to convince his journalist Darcy (Amanda Peet). After he was extremely miserable to write, he copies a report from the internet. When Darcy read it, she was so impressed! Then she assigned a new task for him which is travel to Bermuda and write about the legendary lost ship. 

He rent a boat and goes travel. But then there was a storm, and the boat is missing by the storm. Gulliver was unconscious and was found lying on the coast of Lilliput kingdom (over there, the people are really tiny). People at Lilliput thought that he is beast and captured him and put him in the cave prison. At there, he meet up with another prisoner which is Horatio (Jason Segel) who was jailed by General Edward (Chris O'Dowd) because he likes Princess Mary of Lilliput (Emily Blunt). However, General Edward was also likes the Princess!

Then the war between Lilliput, and Blefuscu were happen. Gulliver managed to save the Lilliput kingdom by his urine! Hahaha. So Lilliput kingdom is declaring Gulliver as their heroes! But Gulliver's kept lying about himself. He said that he is the President of the United State. Blerghh 

Then, the towns’ people find Gulliver's boat and his stuff, then he found his cellphone and received an angry voice mail messages from Darcy. Darcy told him that she will take his place and travel to Bermuda, besides she's already knew about his plagiarism and don't want to be friends with him anymore.

So what is the end of this story? Go to watch it! Haha :) 

So far these films are not highly recommended for kids. But if you want a hollow comedy entertainment you can watch it. :)

Till then,

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