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Kid's Past and Nowadays

January 3, 2011 

Yesterday, I look at the news and I felt funny after seeing the kids who is new incoming school in Year 1 was sobbed. Suddenly I remembered the times when I just started to school. Luckily I used to not like that. :)

At that time I was very excited about the school. I feel impatient to write, wear new clothes, wear new shoes and get acquainted with new friends. I also can't sleep because I can't wait to go to school! I'm really excited! 

I remembered at that time, my parents just wait for me a little while, and just come back during recess. I felt so happy, then my dad has taught me how to buy food at the canteen. At that time my dad gave me 0.50 and 0.50 cents only (RM1). Kids nowadays are so lucky. I think now they bring more than a penny! Hahaha. 

Then my dad also taught how to look for a school bus. Guess what, he also wrote the school bus plate number and put it in my first wallet! I think in 3 days he trained me all this. After that I started to learn to do it by myself and try to be independent. I'm glad that he taught me. If not until now I still expecting helps. Frankly to say, I'm not 100% independently, but sometimes I like to spoiled in too. TeeHee :)

Btw, it's up to you how you want to taught your child's. :) But I hope that I can be like my mom and dad. They are really cool and awesome!

Till then,


mr.syazwan said...

hanya itu je?? wah mudah.. hehe apa hadiahnya?

nur said...

nak juin jugak!!!
hehehe smlm myol tgk jugok.
kelako gile budak2 nanes. ada gk yg dok nguap2. hahaha

misz sheyla said...

@tuan tanah~mekasih join...ntah la contest ke??panggil la pape pun..huhuhu...

@Syazwan & nur~ hahahaha gile kose jap tolong balas komen tuan tanah~ adiah die 50 hengget tok yg bertuah...n top up 10 hengget bg entry yg menarik

gud luck...

schaze zainn said...

@ mr syazwan :

ye sangat la mudah..haha pi join pat.. :)

schaze zainn said...

@ nur :

tu r uol, memang klako giler tgk budak2 tu nanges..huahua

schaze zainn said...

@ misz sheyla :

haha.. bagi saye menang k..ngehngeh :p

Lulu caldina said...

good luck..

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