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Expired Coke!

January 2, 2011

Just now I and my little brother are very hungry, I want to cook but I feel slothful (if my mom know I will be dead meat! haha). Then my brother suggested that we 'tapau' the chicken tandoori at D'Naina.

While there, it's quite sad because roti nan and tandoori chicken is not yet there. My brother said "roti nan dan tandoori taraa ada lagi, pukul 4.30 nanti baru ada" pfttt. So we just order the fried Maggi with chicken for 2 people. 

looks good huh

Then after reach home, I feel tempted to drink coca-cola. So I asked my brother to go to the store to buy it. After my brother buy that coke, I feel weird with the bottle and kept looking at it. Which makes me wonder, why the coke bottle wrapped with FIFA WORLD CUP ads? Far as I know, the World Cup had long ended! 

the bottle caps
after looking at the code
its weird when its offering prizes for the World Cup
(sorry the picture not very clear because in the living room is quite dark)


I continue to look for expired date, and guess what this coca-cola already expired on 10-11-10. Are you nuts! Now already in 2011! My gash! Then me and my brother went to the store and switch back it, how could they selling something that already expired huh?

 Did you see the World Cup ads? It only small ads.
"Menangi 2 tiket ke blablabla"
(sorry the picture not very clear because in the living room is quite dark)

At that shop, initially the store employees are not giving me to change it, but I have to threatened him to report to the Persatuan Pengguna. 

Me: Saya nak tukar coke ini dah expired lah.
The employee: Tak boleh tukar sebab dah buka.
Me: Manalah saya tahu air ini expired. Kalau saya tahu saya tak kan buka lah!
The employee: Ala expired je, ok pergi ambil yang baru *buat muka tidak bersalah*
Me: Senang je awak cakap, nasib baik kitaorang tak minum lagi, kalau dah terminum nanti tiba-tiba sakit macam mana?
The employee: *diam*

I totally pissed off. Suddenly his mom came out and talk to me, "Maaf la adik, tak perasan ada air yang expired, takpe pi tukar lain ye

What? How come you doesn't realize it's already expired and how come you can sell the expired item! Guess what, all the beverage in the fridge also expired! It is so shameful. Don't ever think that after this I will come again to this shop. Pftt.  

The conclusion is,  as a smart consumer we have the courage to express our interest. The purchasing power in the hands of the buyer. So if you all have had a problem like this, don't be afraid anymore, just return it back (food or drink) if it expired, dents, which have been opened or stale. If the taukeh shop does not cooperate well, you just hassle to the  KPDNKK. You have rights as a consumer.

What is KPDNKK? It is stand for Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan. 

Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi & Kepenggunaan
No. 13, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2, 62623 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Hotline: 1-800-886-800 | Tel: 603-8882 5500 | Faks: 603-8882 5762
E-mail Pertanyaan/Aduan:e-aduan@kpdnkk.gov.my,
E-mail Berkaitan Portal:webadmin@kpdnkk.gov.my

Till then,


miss sadiq! said...

uisshh. dah la air coke.
kalau terminum tu habislah perut..
naseb baek..

schaze zainn said...

@ miss sadiq! :

tu r pasal, mau nye tak kena keracunan makanan pulak nanti.

Blithe Spirit said...

haha.isk patut contact coca cola ni tuntot hadiah

misz sheyla said...

seb baik tak minum ag...

jom join


schaze zainn said...

@ blithe spirit :

mengom! haha pe ntah yang terbaik.

sib bek tak tercirit tau..haha

schaze zainn said...

@ misz sheyla :

tu r pasal, sib bek tak minum.

btw. sudah join anda!

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