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On leave and went out :)

January 3, 2011

I leave today. It’s not that I’m making my own leave it’s because our company is replacing New Year leave. HAHAHA

So nothing much I did today, get up early in the morning, tidy room while dreaming when I will rich. Then go shower, eat, and dreaming back. *sigh*

Then I decided to going out and pay my broadband bills. I texting Amin and asked him to pick me up. (I still don’t have transport) *sigh*

am I cute enough? kahkahkah :p

refueling time!
RM20 is enough.

After paying all the bills, we went to Ipoh Parade. Oh my, I hate it! There are too many sales! All shops are on sales! I am not liable to shopping because due to saving to buy a car! My! My! *crying*

I saw this adv at Ipoh Parade
I though it is the high heels. pftt 
Actually it is sort of like Justin Bieber shoes, i guess the name is supra.
Then Amin are requesting me to have lunch at Domino's Pizza. Err. A lil bit strange there, now Silibin already have Domino's Pizza? Wow! Silibin already being developed!

 eat! eat! yeay!

 the nice ever pizza 

 he ate up until forgets me!

Over here they didn't serve chili sauce because they only give this chili powder.

Haha ​​so we are ordering BBQ Chicken Pizza and Chicken Lasagna. Actually, I want to eat Spaghetti Bolognese but they say there is not yet in stock. Oh okay, I’ll understand, this shop has just opened in a week. Blerghh

p/s: I want to resolve thin but it seems not to be. *sigh*

Till then,


ツ ar-fiey-za said...

shawl dea macam eskem!

miss sadiq! said...

terliur pulak tengok pizza tuh..
yummmmmyyyy! :p

ツ ar-fiey-za said...


ada tag ni. http://wawaloverainbow.blogspot.com/2011/01/siapa-punya-header-paling-cool.html

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