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Service Award Finisar 2010

October 19, 2010

How long haven’t updated anything in this blog, I’m kinda busy. As usual the Payroll Cut-off date, its sucks and I'm going crazy again and again. : (

Btw don’t want to talk about it, actually last Saturday; our company is having dinner for the Service Award 2010 for Finisarian's. This award actually is for those who are already serving five years for the company.

But how come I also can attend the award, I just served less than a year? FYI, as a part from the Human Resources team, I MUST attend the awards and it is WORK.

Title: Finisar Service Award 2010
Venue: Syuen Hotel, Ipoh
Date: 16-October-2010
Time: 6.30 pm - 10.00 pm

Luckily, I can claim an OT on that day. Do ​​you think I want to work for free on weekend? Hell NO.

So the foods are totally sucks. I can’t ever swallow them. Damn. I do not know why and why the person who is in-charge to choose foods can select that foodstuff. It’ really sucks! Luckily the fried ice-cream saves my day. Huh, guess what, they also ordered a chinese herbal tea? It is very smelly and unsightly. Damn.

Btw, overall the event was fare smoothly.

** If they know I condemn this, I have to sack dead. Pfttt chiaww

Till then,



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