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Interview Jilaka

October 27, 2010.

Hi. Actually I forget to tell you guys about this story. Last Thursday, I had the first interview at Ipoh, and guess what, I got past to the second interview. So the second interview was on Saturday. Actually I’m sort of shocked to see the situation around the company because all their employees are of that race only. I think you know what I mean. Only that race in this office and I felt I’m the ‘aliens’.

So, on Saturday (October 23, 2010) I went to the interview with Amin. When I’m in the interview room, firstly that comes out in my mind ‘what the fu**’ she is. At first, I did not mind as she’s ogled and pouts at me, but that makes me piss off is she keep condemned the Malays. I’m sort of weird, what’s wrong with you bitch?

I know there were many Malay’s are sluggish, that I'm not that type of person okay. If you did not want to hire a MALAY worker, why don’t you put a requirement in the Jobstreet Advertisement that you want to hire your race only? Do not fool other peoples!

The most stupid thing is she can just toss my personal files. How indeed wretched this sucks bitch. I don’t give a damn to work directly here. I’m not racist, but when it hit like this I don’t care about your lash company.

Then, just now the person who is interviewing me for the first time is calling me and he told me that the job is mine. I am a little bit weird about this stuff. Guess what they only offer me for a 1k for doing account? Don’t be silly; what do you think I am? Do you think doing account is worth for a 1k?

I’m sorry, I hate this company atmosphere. She makes me annoyed. If you want to practice racism in this company so please do, but I do not want to be involved with this silly stuff. Chiaw.

Till then,

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