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catatan untuk dua hari.

Already long time didn’t update any entry. Actually, I was too busy. Public Holiday was pointless for me. I started working back on Tuesday. It’s sad huh. My office well along near silent. It is because the ‘old-citizens’ in the office still on holidays. Who are single like me you'll have to work back. Damn! So this time I compile right for 2 days journals. 

Sept 8 2010

I go to work early, how weird huh. 7:30 a.m I’m up to. The computer are giving me problems again, I was extremely fickle! Shit!  Then I have to key-in all the operator’s leaves. But I feel better after getting of Hari Raya cards and chocolates from supervisor. I cannot over excite because everyone in my department (CnB) also have it to :)

I just get 3 chocolate only which is Dark, Almond, and Hazelnut
-picture from google-

Nothing interesting on afternoon, even on break time, I keep continue to do work because I don’t want doing OT. Already a few days I keep getting back late, hate it! That 'girl' was already warning me that she did not want to cover my work tomorrow (9 Sept). Damn!

Luckily, I'm settling the entire works right, if not you’ll be dying key-in all of this. No wonder peoples don’t really like you. She is so sluggish and selfish when doing our works. I hate your hypocritical manners. So, all the works are done already, and I back home at 5.15 pm sharp. I felt relived.  

Reached home, my dad told me that I have received stuff from my friend. YES! Finally the Sarawak layer cake (Kek Lapis Sarawak) has arrived. Thanks my love, Wardah for giving me these cakes. I can’t wait to eat it. Btw if anyone want to taste or buy it with reasonable prices please visit here *KLIK-KLIK*

(kek lapis alunan ombak)

(lapis madu belang)

9 Sept

I still go to work early, huh --- I felt lazy and awful. Others people are starting on holidays; but me only for half day? It is bored right. My computer as usual, keeps giving me headache. I can’t take it! I felt want to throw it at the lake. Damn! Luckily I was a little calm today. Before the middle of the work day, everything was already settled.

Suddenly that girl came and asks "Reen, semuanya dah update dan key-in ke? Nanti kita malas nak key-in semua ni. Dah lah tengah banyak kerja ni, nanti  kita pun nak balik kampung“

I’m sort of thought for a moment.  Eh, are you sure that you have a lot of work? I quite confuse there. What are you doing in our Department (CnB)? Hey, you just only taking care of personal files and that’s makes you busy like MD? Please for sake, don’t make any silly joke. You think that you're the only one who wanted to come home? I don’t even give a damn. Exactly 12:35 pm I leave Finisar. So, I just want to say good bye hell.

So sharp at 6, me, my parents and siblings were off to BUKIT MERTAJAM. We don’t have time to breaking fast at village, so we stopped while in R&R Alor Pongsu to break. Luckily, my mother brings us food from home for break. Then the journey continued. We finally safe arrived at 9:15 pm.


Okay, that’s all the journals for today, have fun and have a great day :) Selamat Hari Raya.

Till then,

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