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Start looking A job


Actually it's a quit long that I did not write anything in my blog. I’m not really busy, but sort of busy.

After finishing that course, I’m starting to apply works but the results were very disappointing. Almost for 3 months I am jobless *sigh*. It’s really tiring, send out resumes to companies, to factories, even look at a job in Jobstreet or Jobsmalaysia!

Then, in the middle of March, I received a call from Labor Department (Jabatan Buruh) at Greentown area (beside Greentown Mall) they called me to tell that there will be an open-interview. So, I went there with a million hopes. Then to make it short, I choose two stabilized company to be interviewed. 

First at Finisar (M) Sdn Bhd, over there thousands of vacant posts to be filled. Here, I’m applying to be an Assistant of Human Resource and Administration. The person who is interviewing me – Mr. Chan said I’m qualified for this job, but he will call me later for the next interview. 

Then, I’m also applying at Carsem Semi-Conductor (M) Sdn. Bhd. (I’m applying here because it’s very close to my house – only takes for 5 minutes!). Over there, I’m applying as an IT Technician, and I feel that I can certainly get this job. 

After an hour was there I went back and talked with my parents. Both of them don’t mind about it as long as I’m working, because nowadays is quite difficult to get a job.

After several days of waiting, the person in-charge of Carsem called and told me to come to the 2nd interview and do a medical check-up at their company. But I’m rejecting it because I must to work in shift! Hell no, so sorry. :D

Finally one day, when I was taking a nap, suddenly people from the lawyer office (Ong-Hanim-Badrul) called and told me that I was accepted to work there and are required to report on 1 April 2010. At first, I’ve though it was a joke. But yeah, it’s real. 

This is the beginning of new life of Syazana, yeah that’s me – only Syazana. 

Till Then,

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