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malang tidak berbau.

Malang tidak berbau bermaksud kecelakaan yang terjadi dengan tiba-tiba. Sempat lagi aku meng'google' maksudnya. *sigh* Nasib yang baik tidak mungkin akan datang setiap hari unless kalau korang tu ada psikik..

Today, I wake up early in the morning with the new spirit of work. I have a good intention today. Want to work diligently, want to finish all the work even I did not have not much of work. I'm getting cutes, ready to wear kebaya some more. But it will remain as memories. *sigh*

After completed all morning – clean up my messy room, I walked out from the room without rethink what potential problems will be facing by me. After I lock the bedroom door suddenly just remembered

Oh! Shit! My badge in the room! I went rushing up to top – to my room. Then I open up my bag, guess what? Far sake, damn it! The keys – the room keys in the room! &*%@$# my brain was totally blank. Crap! What I should do? Then I just call mom. Oh! Shit again! Not again!

Message from 4000:

You have insufficient Airtime balance. 

Please reload your prepaid account. 

For Credit Advance info, 

Just type Advance Help & send to 28882.

Damn! Then I just ask credit at Amin. BUT

Message from CELCOM:

Maaf, transaksi tidak berjaya.

Penghantar tidak memberi respon

Dalam tempoh masa yang diberi.

Shit! I’m really upset. I’m totally pissed off. Then I just remembered that I have another number which is Maxis in the bag. I checked the credit balance first, I’m a lil bit relief.

Balance: 0.98, Expiry Date:
26.06.2013. SMS Bonus: 0

I call my mom quickly and told her that I’m locked up in my house *sigh*

"Ibu kakak terkunci dalam rumah. Kunci dalam bilik. Bilik pula dah kunci. Nak pergi kerja pun dah tak boleh, sebab kunci rumah semua dalam bilik. So sekarang terkurung dalam rumah sendiri. Macam mana ni.? Apa nak buat?" I was flustered

My mom was shocked and became panic (my mother was always hasty to panic) "macam mana kakak boleh terkunci ni? Tu lah cuai sangat. bla bla bla.." (P/s: I hate to remember what my mom keep babbling to me. hahaha)

All my housemate was not available because they are in night shift, or if they in morning shift they already gone early in the morning. I’m really confusing, became mad and felt worst. I annoyed at myself. Why I always careless. *sigh*

Actually I forgot to call my supervisor. How silly I am. So I called her and told her the whole story. Then she said to me, if I can make it to work for half day it’s okay, and if I can’t just call her. I felt relief when hear that.

Then all of a sudden, my housemates come back from night shift. Oh god thanks! My housemate, which is Kak Umi, opened the door and called our house owner and asks her the key spare for my room. Actually our house owner is living next to ours.

So right now, I'm in the room and writing and today are PUBLIC HOLIDAY FOR ME!

Till then,



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