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Update; Monday, 21 April, 2014

Don't worry Ainil, Iffah, Makngah and Pakngah
We will keep praying for him
Aiman, please stay strong
We know that you're really tough boy!
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Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Hey guys
How are you?
Well as usual, I just fine.

Btw, last Saturday (19.04.2014)
I went to Sg. Buluh and Shah Alam with my family.
Sad to be told, actually last week
was the saddest things-weeks happen in our families

My lil cousin,
Aiman Haziq B. Ahmad Dahalan was admitted to Hospital
Cause he was fall down from motorbike.
He just 17 years old
Hmm, tbt all of us really shock when heard this news

From the outside he looks really fine
But actually he’s having internal damage
His kidney was also injured.
And his right hand was broken too.

At first he was admitted to Hospital Sungai Buluh,
But then on day 4 (Thursday, I guess)
He was been transferred to Hospital Selayang 
(Wad Kecemasan & Trauma).

 At this time, he still sleeping
Already looks happy, cause his classmate also visit him

Seems like he already dark cause he's playing football at school.

I don’t know how to describe my feelings
It's totally broke my heart
If you guys wanna know
We were really close to each others.
During school holidays
Sometimes he’s also spending time at Ipoh
And we will have a good time with my siblings.

Dear my beloved friends, stalkers, or even haters
Only for this time, I wanted you guys
To pray or even alms him du’a to get well soon

Dear Eman,
Me and all your cousins will always beside you
Even your aunts and uncles---
Even we are not there right now
Just remembered we always love you
And want you to be healthy like used to be before
Please be strong and fight back
Allah just wanna test you and His love you

InsyaAllah, everything will be fine soon
Just listen to your mom, dad, sisters and also doctors!
Eat your medicine on time
Oh I know how you really hate to eat that stuff
But pleaseeee, please get well soon
Can’t wait to gather back
To see you jumping around with your jokes
And do fun things together.


Our big familiesssss... :)
p.s: Btw few family members could not attend this gathering


p.s: If you guys, who is near with Hospital Selayang
and wanna visit him
it is welcome.
Just tell his mom or dad
That you are one of my friends.
It will be great.

Aiman Haziq B. Ahmad Dahalan,
Hospital Selayang,
7th Floor, ward 7D, 11th bed
(Tingkat 7, Wad 7D, Katil 11)

p.s: In next entry I will story about Shah Alam.
Till then,


t.a.t.a said...

Get well soon dear.

Ieta Mat Saad said...

Harap sembuh seperti sediakala ^__^

QasehnyaRania said...

i’m fine. hi hi i
semoga aiman cepat sembuh aamiin

sronok tgk pitcher uols.. happening je

jom la join GA tu.hihi
ciksu non hado idea nk ngarang itu, g joined GA je.

Fiza Rahman said...

Smoga Aiman Haziq cpt sembuh.

Detective Fiqa said...

semoga Allah sembuhkan dia. aamiinn

Juno said...

Get well soon, Aiman. Insyaallah semua selamat :)

Ezad Skytech said...

Harap dapat sembuh dengan cepat...Amin

♥ Cmª shIemª ♥ said...

Salam Syazana Zainn ..
إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎
insyaallah..semoga aiman sembuh spt sedia kala..
betul tu..you tuff aiman.. semoga cepat sembuh..
rajin2 mkn ubat ya..

Hafiza AizZawa said...

Aiman, kuatkan semangat.. In Syaa Allah akan sembuh seperti sedia kala...

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

moga aiman kuat =)

Liza Razak said...

Saya doakan semoga Aiman cepat sembuh..kuat semangat betul dia ni. Harap semuanya selamat

Amanina Mads said...

semoga kazen awak cepat sembuh.. teruk juga ya kecederaan dia. aminn. kita bykkan doa utk dia.

p/s:lina dh tukar url sbb tu xdpt nk bw. hehe :) link habis hilang.

hainom OKje said...

Moga Eman cepat sembuh...

Pha Is said...

rapatnya korang sesapa sepupu..
smoha aiman haziq cepat sembuh..

Ezy Loy said...

ala sedihnye..
smga aiman cpt sembuh!
aiman kuat!

sal ya said...

Get well soon eman.

Mimi Azirah said...

Get well soon aiman

Yousof Ngadi said...

Doa semua orang + semangat aiman, inshaAllah semuanya baik² belaka. Perit, tapi ada hikmahnya :')

Tabah cha, tabah semuanya.

fadh leyanie said...

get well soon eman,org muda kena kuat.

Pykaa Pdott said...

Moga dia cepat sembuh ea . Amin :')

ros_reeza said...

moga cepat sembuh ...

Eiqa Almond said...

Allah, sedihnya eiqa baca kak :'(
Lagi2x tengok gmbar ceria dia bila sihat..
Semoga dia cepat sembuh..
Be strong dik.!! :')

M Fizan said...

huhu. how is he now?

lama dah sis tak jenguk blog saya :(

QasehnyaRania said...

mcm mna keadaanya skerang dh sihat ke?

Khai♥Rin : anies said...

syafakallah...mcm mn dia nk amik SPM nnt? moga aiman sembuh sblm menjelang spm

Amanina Mads said...

dh sihat ke aiman ni? tak tahu pun pasal dia

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