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How To Check | Semakan Senarai Hitam Imigresen

January 26, 2011

Right now I am having flu and cough. I feel very headache when having flu, so when got the flu should automatically be coughing, then for sure later would be FEVER. So I was able to have MC.  

Actually, yesterday I received a letter from PTPTN it's regarding my debt. I'm feeling sad because I'm indebted ​​at a young age. *sigh*

After I read the letter, I went internet to check whether my name is listed or not in the immigration blacklist. It's pretty scary when blacklisted by the authorities. *sigh*

Btw, do you know how to check whether you're on list or not? Let me guide you :)


1st : go to PTPTN website

2nd : Click the banner which have a picture of plane
(like this picture)

3rd :  After you click the plane, then you'll come out of sorts of this

4th : After that, click on Semakan Senarai Hitam Imigresen.
Then fill up your IC number and SEMAK

5th : After that, it would issued like this notice.
Alhamdulillah I was NOT included in the black list. YEAYY!

Till then,

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