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Kenny Rogers feat. Family Day

Today a lil bit late gets up, but I still the earlier person who is came at workplace. Btw, today there was a main agenda which is eating.

I’m finishing all the hardcopy leave, fortunately not very much which is only 20 to 30 pieces. Then I need to run the leave entitlement (our software). Suppose it’s only takes 20 to 30 minutes but I don’t know why today this system takes so long about 30 to 44 minutes, wasting my time only. *sigh* I hate my old PC, its sucks. 

So, while waiting this system in running, I went to the canteen (our company provide canteen in this building) I’m ordering a toast and half boiled egg. While eating, I heard the latest gossip from these old folks. *sigh* I can’t take it and just get out from there. I’m continued my work and do not realize the time has passed.

So as plan before, we the CnB (Compassionate and Benefits) team went to Jusco – Kenny Rogers because our boss want to treat us. 

Le’ main menu: Black pepper chicken, add up with mash potatoes, cold pasta, and fruits salad. 

Le’ drinks: Caramel chocolate ice blended. I’m happy girl and everyone also happy (because we didn’t pay for it)

I really love Kenny Rogers 

The greatest tasted muffin :D

I've chose the Caramel Chocolate Ice Blended 

At 8:30 pm I want to go home because Amin already arrive to take me. Then we went to the next destination which is Carsem family day. Not really excited over-there. I did not expect their organization is arranging a mini concert. But most of the artists in appearance on the night which is I didn’t like. They are Zamani, Mila and the unknown band (I don’t even know).

That’s all for tonight. I’m really tired. Hopefully tomorrow is better than today's. Chiaw. :)

Till then,


NICK IRFAN said...

wah! makan2 je awk ni? lapar plak sy tgk... hehe

cUkeLet leMonIcE said...

haha.. best oo makan+makan ni, xspeseli bila org banje..huahua..

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