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new hair cut


All of a sudden I feel like to have haircut. Now the weather is really hot. I’m also having hair lossesI’m wearing Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo but it was useless. It became worse.  It is very eerie when thinking my hair beginning thin and reduced.

I went to Greentown Mall with Amin. Then afterwards thinking wisely, I'm really sure that I have to do the haircut, and I went to Rainbow Salon. Then hair stylists named Wennesia were cutting my hair.

At first, I’m feeling sad, but what to do I’m thinking about my practically life. For a fee of RM20, I think it is worthwhile and happy as she cuts into a nice style.

Till then,

(updated 2013 : sorry, all pictures during me uncovered (free hair) already deleted. TQ ^^,)

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