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Anger? All humans have this kind of feeling right? Yup, as an ordinary person I also have this weird feelings. Right now I am really annoyed. There is no word to describe this feeling. Sometime I just felt want to kill 'her'.

At first, I does not care too much bout it.  But if this thing always happens, I can’t take it anymore. I can’t understand why still got this person in this world. It's bullshit. One problem gone, another one will came *sigh*. I bet, most of you must have seen people like this right? 

At first, that girl wanted my boyfriend be her‘Abang Angkat’ only, but after a few days she wanted to change it to ‘COUPLE’. Hey, come on girl, don’t you feel ashamed? Don’t you ever dare to across it in your mind. 

I read all the messages that she gave to my boyfriend. I just felt, eh how could she do that? Don’t be a slutty girl. Have a little bit of shame, where is your pride?

“abg sihat ke?”
"t msg adk au”
“abang nape ta reply mecej adk?”

Oh gosh! Are you nuts? When people do not respond to your messages, please understand that they don’t like you! Is that hard? Then, she keep texts my boyfriend like hell. She’s crazy! I can’t take it! When us together, she will --- send him an empty text (many times!). So can you imagine that?

The most hilarious part is, she said that my boyfriend face exactly look alike her ex's! My gosh! 

I hate it because of this bullshit, me and him always arguing - fighting - rowdy. I am tired of all this crap. *sigh* So dear girl, please leave him alone! 

Till Then,

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