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Manusia Yang Tidak Mengenang Budi

17 December 2009

Manusia yang tak mengenang budi? What would you do or felt when someone else stole or copy your work without your permission? For sure you must be angry and resentful. Right? Actually today I have final exam, so I really work hard to score and having a good grade.

I really piss out when saw some people make a copy of my notes without asking my permission. What the hell you thinking dude? How could you copy and photostat all my notes? If you want to copy just ask my permission, is it that hard to do?   

I’ve study so hard, making all these notes, suddenly other peoples just take it for granted. Shameless you’re people. Not only one person copies it, I think half of the students in this course copy it! It’s weird; do they realize or know each copy of the notes have my name on it? Seriously, I felt so terrible. It’s not that I’m withholding all my knowledge, IT’S NOT. I love and willing to share but when you people treat me like this, I’m cut up.  

It’s not about my notes only; they also talk bad about me. Saying me that I’m mean, you called me brag wanna show-off, so should I sharing with you guys? Can you guys think? If I’m really mean, if I’m really withholding all my knowledge, I’m sorry, I won’t help you guys doing all your practical test. Who cares about yours? As long as my grades are good I don’t even give a damn about you. BUT, I’m willing to help and it’s my big mistake which is helping you guys.

I heard what you guys said to me over the years, so please do not pretending that you know nothing and be nice to me. It is very annoying.  Ive been patient with your hassle, it is enough for me.

I'm not trying to say that I’m wave and good, but at least I put 100% effort to succeed with my own effort. I know my ability, I work hard. I’m not flatter and will not take any advantages like you. I'm not feeling to believe people around me (except my real friends). So, sorry if I do not believe your sweet talking guys.

I only hoping that the knowledge that you guys stole from me was blessing. May Allah bless you. If you guys pass the exam this day, I think you wouldn’t go anywhere, you’re still in the same boat because you only cheating to yourself. Good luck in the world and in the hereafter.

Till Then

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