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Today I felt so worst. Last Friday I didn’t come to class activity which is netball, it’s not that I’m lazy or what, it’s because my mom didn’t agreed because I’ve been grounded. 

Actually our teacher’s doesn’t say anything, but you know, some people love to make this small thingy became big. So they ask me to pay RM2 as the penalty, I don’t mind to pay it, but the way they asking me money like SHIT! 

So today (Monday), they make HAVOC bout the money, at 1st I was refuse to pay it,  because the teacher didn’t say anything or even mention bout the money, and I also already told the teacher why I didn’t come. Then, the situation became more chaos. That person who is not important about this entire thing’s was shouting around and curses me and my friends.

I’m not satisfied with him because another students – not one student, I think half of the classes didn’t came to that failure sport, he didn’t care, why us you wanna nose into it?

When the problem already solves that guy still not satisfied with me. Suppose Ila (my friend) on duty sweeping the floor. She knows her duty, and already told him that she will do it later AFTER spoke to me about assignment, but he still insists. Then that guy was over his limits! He started to make me angry and talk bad about me. Who the hell you thinking you are? Seriously, knowing him was the WORST memory in my life.

FYI, before this he’s not like this, after he couple with that bitch he’s totally different. We really don’t know who he is exactly. Then, the worst part is, he making-up story about me. Oh, please remember about yourself. Actually, I disgust to remember all my kindness to you. When you were nothing, who always give you support? Who always helps you? Can’t you think for a sec?

For sake, it sucks to know you. I do not care if I'm not friends with you anymore. One more thing, before you wanna talk bad about me, about my friend or even about my boyfriend, please look at yourself first. Please be a little self-conscious.

I know, WE are not good, BUT please look at your girlfriend first. She’s the one who loves to pleasure other guy. Can’t you see that? She’s the one who loves to talk bad about her friends and people around her, so please do advise her.

I’ve been patient towards you and your girlfriend. Frankly to say, you such a dumb and loser. How sad your life is.

Till then,

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