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a whole day story

Oh my Gucci! Unexpectedly – BLACKOUT at my house! All I’m typing already gone. Yes, my fault too, forgot to SAVE it. So, I must to composing back the entry. Oh it’s sucks. :(

Today I wake up a bit late because my dad was on school holiday (tomorrow is Deepavali). I still have class on today. DAMN.

So today is Friday, we have Agama Class. We learned about ‘Adab-adab orang yang ingin bermusafir’ in English called ‘traveler - someone who is wanted to travel for long journey’.

So ustaz told us, before we went to musafir, we should forgive people and ask them forgiveness because we do not know what will happen later. Maybe on the journey we died or accident, we don’t even know what Allah will determine for our destiny.

After that, we went to RECESS. So we eat at pantry. Then, all of a sudden there was an incident, that silly guy still doesn’t satisfy with us. He thought that we talk bad about him. We never and didn’t talk about him or even about his girlfriend! How silly he is.

He snooped on our conversation. It’s ridiculous! If you wanna join us, just say it! If you do not know of any situation, please do not interfere. It’s silly because you’re interrupted others conversation.

I don’t want to get involve with this argument anymore, so I told Ila and my Amin to get out from there. Just let this silly man talks to himself.

At 3p.m, we don’t have any class because all of teachers went to meeting, so Cikgu Suhaida, (she didn’t go to the meeting because she’s pregnant), asked us to gather in the hall. Apparently she’s call us to play games that related to the entrepreneurial base, but it was not as expected because it does not interested and LAME.

When the game wasn’t goes well, Cikgu Suhaida started to change to another games. The game called ASK QUESTION and ANSWER WITH QUESTION. Oh ya, we played it in Bahasa Melayu.


Person A: Nama kau apa? (What is your name?)
Person B: Kau umur berapa? (How old are you?)

Person A: Kau tinggal kat mana? (Where do you lives?)
Person B: Mana kereta kau? (Where is your car?)

So the trick is, answer it with question, and don’t answer it with the answer. So it is quit fun. We had to respond quickly to the question and can’t repeat it again. :)

Till Then

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